Saturday, 21 March 2009

Home sweet home

Spent most of yesterday in London, a trip to collect a painting (the cover art for The enemy is within) and to meet up with my eldest daughter so we could have a long overdue meal together and tete a tete. While I waited for her to finish work I took a wander down to the Palace of Westminster and sat in the garden on the west side overlooking the Thames. Across the river is the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lambeth Palace - the sacred frowning upon the profanity of Westminster perhaps?

Lambeth Palace is ancient, the Great Hall, the central section with the turret tower, dating from the 14th Century is comparatively 'modern' in relation to the rest. Lambeth is home to the Archbishop and his team of advisers, bishops and priests who do the research, manage the diaries and look after the preparation of debating papers on matters doctinal. Canterbury is not an Anglican "Pope", he is the senior Archbishop in the Anglican Communion. His role is often described as a "high-wire" act between the divergent and often fractious Provinces of the Communion, the divergent opinions within the Church of England, and the politicians who delight in undermining everything Christian in the Palace across the water which some refer to as the greatest generator of waste, worthlessness and profanity in the world.

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