Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Ain't technology wonderful .....

Except, of course, when it drops you in it big time. For some time now I have used a Hewlett Packard PDA as a diary and as a note book. It was always backed up to Outlook on my PC and even though it had previously crashed twice I was always able to retrieve my appointments and my address book by connecting it to the PC and reloading the data. Then I upgraded my Microslosh Office to Office 2007. Initially on the cheapest option for that package. Mistake, the Office 2003 suite conflicted with it and so, in a moment of sheer stupidity - I uninstalled 2003!

Wait for it - that removed Outlook which I had not acquired in the 2007 bundle. No problem thinks I - I'll just reinstall that and reconnect the PDA. Except something in the PDA Synchronising prgramme no longer worked. It would not reconnect and would not share.....

So I contacted Microslosh and discovered the problem, I had the wrong programme package. More cash changes bank accounts and now I have the righ package installed. Except the PDA still won't talk to the PC.... OK, so now I need to contact HP to get the programme changed, in the meantime praying that the PDA wouldn't have a wobbly. I should have known, the PDA crashed today, wiping out my appointments, my address book and every note I have mdae in it. Nothing I can do will make it talk to anything else (I did have some of the information backed up on a laptop - but the PDA won't talk to that either!) and now I have to try and contact everyone I can recall having an appointment to meet and everyone whose address I can recall being in the damned thing - and try to get the information back somehow.

I guess it just proves, yet again, how dependent we have become on these electronic gadgets - and how helpless we are when they drop us in the doo-doo. At least I'm not entirely alone - I see the Gorse Fox is having a Technoclasm as well.


  1. People sometimes give me funny looks for having a notebook made out of actual paper, but my diary entries, phone numbers and appointments are safe and I never have to recharge it. It's also handy when my mobile battery goes flat (which it does frequently, because I forget to charge it) - I can look up the phone numbers I need and use an office phone or payphone if I really have to call! (And in case anyone's wondering, I'm half the Gray Monk's age ;P)

  2. Quill, parchment, abacus, tin cans with string and a homing pigeon should see you through this.

  3. A miraclke has occurred in the form of several downloads and much frantic file searching. The recalcitrant device, when confronted by the new synchronising software surrendered to be re-aligned - and from somewhere as yet unidentified - Microslosh Outlook "found" my address book and appointments - and restored them to the PDA.

    Even in electronic it seems miracles occur. Or maybe Harry or Ferghal just used their cyberlinks ....

  4. Yay! I'll take a miracle of any sort for you.

    I think the reason I really haven't gone to a PDA or such is (besides me not having the cash) because I'm afraid what happened to you will happen to me and I'll be too dense to figure out how to fix things. So I stick with my Google calendar and the two paper backups.

    I'm so lo-tech.

  5. I tell people that miracles happen everyday. The fact a computer works at all is a miracle.