Saturday, 30 May 2009

How does my garden grow

With difficulty. The Monk does not have the green fingers of his forebears, or of his brother all of whom seemed to have had that magic ability to make things grow. Even Mausi seems able on her mountainside, to be able to coax things into growth where they take one look at the Monk's garden and pull their roots up. Or at least some things do.

Having planted three roses in different parts of the garden, the Monk finds that two have taken off like rockets and are now threatening to take over everything else - while the third keeps trying to commit suicide. Nurture, feeding, watering all seem to have little effect, although, now four years since it was first planted the solitary red rose seems to be trying to get itself going at last.

On the good news front though, the swallows have arrived. A few days ago this nest was damaged and empty, the owners evidently having not arrived with everyone else, or perhaps abandoning it. Today I noticed it had been repaired and this evening managed to catch a picture of the occupant. It seems they have arrived home and have lost no time at all in repairing the nest and setting up the furniture. Judging by the scolding and cajolling Mrs Swallow has already set up her nursery. Considering that this is on a North facing wall, they have chosen the spot carefully as it gets the late sun, yet is sheltered from rain and wind by the soffit and the protruding eave. As foir the construction of the nest, well, all I can say is it's amazing how much mud they have collected and placed to construct it.

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  1. I first thought we had mice in our attic above the master bedroom's walk-in closet. I soon found out the squeeks were peeps and that it's not a mommy mouse but a mommy pigeon who has taken over the roof of my apartment!