Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I wonder ....

According to the BBC website today in history saw the following events -

On this day (26th May):

· 1679: The Habaeus Corpus Amendment Act requires the showing of 'just cause' for imprisonment over 24 hours.

· 1868: The last public execution in Britain - the hanging of murderer Michael Barrett - takes place at Newgate.

· 1948: The Afrikaner National Party wins the South African general election and introduces 'apartheid'.

Now it may be just me, but I think they've been rather selective in their 'events'. Habeus Corpus I would agree is a good piece of law - unlike the majority of the laws imposed in the last twelve years in the UK - and we can probably do without public hangings. Mind you, a few of those would probably put an end to some of the street gangs and mindless violence among some sections of the community. The final one though is hardly as earth shattering an event as the Left try to make it out to be. In fact it ignores the fact that the apartheid laws were based on the 1910 Constitution that was written for South Africa here in Whitehall - against the advice of the South African politicians. And the laws establishing apartheid were certainly not enacted or enforced from the same day as the election. Perhaps it is just another attempt to paint anyone who doesn't follow the accepted "liberal" mythology of humanist "goodness" as Fascist. I note that none of Lenin's, Stalin's or Mao's excesses are ever commemorated or mentioned by this coterie and there is an outright denial of the fact that Fascism was a response to the excesses of socialism in its most virulent form - communism.

So, to redress the balance a little here are some of the other events which occurred on this day in -

1894: Tsar Nicolas II crowned Tsar of All the Russias.

1805: Napoleon had himself crowned King of Italy.

1637: Captain John Mason attacks a Peqot village and wipes out 500 women and children among the Indians.

More recently -

1924: President Coolidge of the US brings in immigration restrictions in the US as a deliberate isolationist policy.

1940: Operation Dynamo begins - the evacuation of the BEF from Dunkirk

1972: Thomas Cook passes from State Ownership to a private Consortium in the first step toward dismantling the socialist theft of private enterprise.

The list is quite impressive for today, if you want to read more The History Channel website gives some pretty comprehensive and somewhat less selective results.

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