Sunday, 3 May 2009

In the Brown stuff?

With a Cabinet Minister now breaking ranks and suggesting our PM isn't the all seeing, all knowing saviour his propaganda machine has spent all these Nu Labour years telling us he is one does wonder how they got away with it this long. Interestingly now the Online newsletter, Standpoint Online, carries an article by Nick Cohen. As someone who has an "inside" view of the media and the media people around Gordon Brown and the No 10 Propaganda machine what he reveals isn't pretty.

The tragedy as I see it is that those in the media who should have opened this particular dirty washing bag several years ago, didn't. I can only think that they didn't because they felt that anything which keeps this socialist regime in power is legitimate, a view that Gordon Brown and his gang of propaganda thugs obviously subscribe too. The simple truth is that the media is now run by and staffed by socialist propagandists who simply cannot bring themselves to admit that socialism is wrong headed and benefits only those who can finagle their way into positions of power inside the civil service or in any of the plethora of 'elected' jobs for the boys and party apparatchiks socialists always create.

All I can say is thank God for the likes of Guido Fawkes who blew the lid off this dirty government and exposed their sycophants in the mainstream media. It is fascinating to see just how desperately the news media are working to bolster up this vicious bunch and keep these socialist Fascists in power. Frankly, its disgraceful.

And, in case you wonder how I can describe Socialists as Fascists I would say that you need only to look at the manner in which this government has behaved in a dictatorial fashion, imposed ideological correctness, stifled debate and used propaganda to create a false and misleading picture of their opponents and you will get my drift. Neither should anyone forget that National Socialism is not somewhere on the extreme Right of politics - the political spectrum is a circle. Go far enough in either direction and you end up on the other side. That is what our present government has succeeded in doing.

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  1. Ironically it was Polly Toynbee, the High Priestess of Champagne Socialism who last year likened Brown to the Wizard of Oz. Only she was describing him as the pathetic individual behind the curtain. The problem, as you have referred to, is that many people in the MSM have been closing the curtains again and again. Finally, it would appear that the scales have fallen from their eyes. The only Brown Bounce left will be when he falls through the trapdoor of public opinion with the noose of political infamy tight round his shameless neck.