Friday, 22 May 2009

Reforming the House

I have long argued that NuLabour's reforms of the House of Lords and their constitutional anarchy showed that the House most in need of reform was the Commons itself. Simply shaking out the abuses of the Expenses isn't enough, the whole system of government has to be reformed, restructured and revised - and that inclkudes not just the House of Commons, but the Lords and the entire Civil, Service oligarchy.

Mr Blair ripped the heart out of the Lords and stuffed it with his sycophants and cronies - its time to throw them out and make that an elected Upper House, perhaps making only Peers eligible for election. Why do we need 646 Members in the Commons? In particular why do we need to Scottish and Welsh MP's now they have their own Parliament in Scotland and an Assembly in Wales? That chops out roughly 150 MP's who vote on matters which do not affect their constituents - but impact heavily on England and the English from whom they have no mandate at all. As the majority of these are Labour that would effectively consign the Labour Party to third place in any future Parliament.

We need to reign in the power of the Civil Service, so I propose that all Civil Servants should be subject to public scrutiny and should have a maximum term in office of ten years with a review of performance after five. Likewise MP's should be restricted to a maximum of two five year terms and the Prime Minister should be subjected to election by the two Houses and not just an automatic appointment for being head of a party. The Whip should be abolished and all voting should be "free" on any matter before the Houses and MP's should be obliged to take note of their constituents wishes on any matter unbder consideration in Parliament. Any matter of Constitutional importance, or which affects our rights, sovereignty or security should be subject to an automatic referendum as it is in Denmark and not be simply nodded through in a Parliament that knows it can get away with murder.

The Lisbon Treaty must be subject to a Referendum as soon as possible and our sovereignty guaranteed. No one in Britain, except the terminally stupid and blind, trusts Brussels to manage our Defence, Security or Economy for the benefit of the British People and we are certainly not major benefactors of being "in Europe". We could just as easily be a member of the European Free Trade Zone and do even better. We didn't need the Euro until Brown sold off our gold to prop it up and we certainly didn't need it afterward until the same buffoon dergulated the banks and encouraged the financial boom (Having first destroyed our industrial base and all other commercial activities) which led to the bust we now face with a devalued and, I suspect, terminally weakened Pound.

Our Navy, our Army and the RAF have all been cut back to the point of collapse and control of them has been gradually passing to Europe. The Civil Servants running the MoD are a party to this and the corruption, dishonesty and incompetence is now so systemic that it can be desctribed as "Institutionalised". All of this needs to be reversed and reversed quickly if we are to have any hope of surviving as a democracy and as an independent nation.

It is not too late, but first Brown and his dishonest Party must go.

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