Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Another Civil Service Own Goal

The news this morning that two shipyards are under threat of closure is a devastating one. The choices are Govan in Glasgow and Vospers in Portsmouth. No prizes for guessing which one this shower of corrupt Labour aparatchiks will save if they can - and it won't be Portsmouth. Worse is the constant announcement that the two new aircraft carriers are now £1 Billion over budget. What they are not saying is why.

The reason is simple. This government is so out of touch with reality that they cannot connect the dots - if you start a major project and then keep delaying its completion the costs rise dramatically because now you are paying to rent the space the project is occupying. And guess who thought it the cheapest option - probably in the hope of getting it cancelled so they could spend the money on their perks? The Civil Service of course, that MBA rich body of Filing Clerks who now run the country from behind the scenes.

They are trying to blame the navy, the builders and the armed forces in general. The truth is that Prince 2, Civil Service incompetence and lack of contact with reality in the government is the root of the problem. Time to clear out Parliament and the Civil Service and put people in charge who do know what the real world is all about!


  1. You are so right on so many levels.

    1) VT at Portsmouth will suffer because the current Labour Government can't lose any seats in the South (it doesn't really have any).

    2) Scotland will get the deal in an effort to stop and referendum or move towards independence... which will then happen anyway and we will be investing (even more) for the sake another country.

    3) Contractors so often take the blame (because Civil Servants are so adept at avoiding it); so many projects projects overshoot their budgets because of indecision on the part of the Government/Civil Service - and if you are burning cost at rate of tens of thousands of pound a week - every delay adds costs.

    4) As GF left his last engagement he made a point of saying to the CIO that they have to move away from this view that large developments are a democratic process that benefits from consensus - if they are to succeed they have to be a dictatorship.

  2. Your Point 4 is the problem in a nut shell, because it underpins the entire ethos of Point 3.