Thursday, 17 September 2009

Famous sailing ship

Now permanently moored at Travemunde, is the Passat, last of the famous "Flying P" liners built for the trade with Venezuela and used, after World War 2 as training ships for the future merchant seamen and officers of the German Merchant Marine. The Passat and her sister ship Pamir remained in German ownership after the War, one of the others is still sailing but is now the Russian Training ship Kreuzenstern.

Passat's sister ship, Pamir was tragically lost when caught in a hurricane in the Atlantic in 1957. She capsized in a powerful squall and only six of her large crew survived. A memorial can be found in the Church of St Jakobi in Lubeck, her home port where the smashed remains of a lifeboat in which twenty one survivors managed to find shelter form the centrepiece. Only one man survived from this boat.
The pictures show in order; The ship at her morrings, The Chartroom at the Midship's "Bridge", The Double Wheel and helm position on the Quarterdeck (This was the original steering position but in later service the steering was done from a position forward of the Midship's Bridge.) and the view forward from the Quarterdeck.

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  1. Gosh, how design has changed. The Gorse Fox's Passat looks nothing like that... and its wheels now have tyres on them and are reposition at the corners.