Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sunday mumbling....

Walking down to the Abbey today in the bright sunshine was a pleasant change to the grey skies and breeze we have been having lately. What struck me as I walked was the amount of berries on every shrub and bush that produces them. There are thick clusters everywhere. Countrymen would usually say this presages a very cold winter, but we are currently enjoying an Indian Summer - though it is distinctly cooler in the evenings!

Mind you, Madam Paddy Cat is trying to grow the thickest undercoat I have seen on her in quite a while, and insists on getting very close in the evenings, usually where I can't move and she gets to keep warm. Mind you, at 18 (Something like 78 in cat years I'm told) she's probably feeling the cool even more than I am. But, of course, the planet is heating up, not cooling down.

I do wonder though, as I look about me at the natural response to the changing weather (We don't have a climate in the UK, just weather.) if the seasons aren't a little out of kilter with the calendar. Whitehall, in its wisdom insists that Spring starts at the March Equinox, but 500 years ago it was still regarded as starting in February, around the 20th when the lambs start to arrive (Formerly known in Roman and Celtic times as Imbolc), was regarded as the start of Spring. Similarly, Summer officially starts on the 21st of June - which in every book I have read is regarded as "Midsummers Day" - at least Shakespeare thought so. So perhaps the problem is that the scientists, Greenstrife, Fiends of the Earth and Whitehall should look at synchronising their calendars and then take another look at their "The Sky is Falling" data.

OK, time for another cup of coffee I think ...

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