Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cold snap

Its great to have Mausi back from her jaunt to Ankara, but I am still stuck in Tehran and the cold seems to be arriving rather suddenly. For the last few days there have been heavy clouds building to the north of the city, behind and above the mountains that form a crescent from east through north to west of this city of some 12 million people. The mountains serve to trap the daily smog raised by the horrendous traffic and to block the rain that would come from the north and west where the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea serve to provide water that can be turned into clouds.

Finally, today, the huge cumulus clouds spilled over the mountains and Tehran, at least the Northern and Eastern suburbs and the city centre, got a downpour. But, as the clouds swept away to the east, they revealed that the tallest of the mountains behind us now has a coating of snow. What is more, it has settled to quite a low level. OK, so there is another mountain and a deep valley between us and the snow, but guess which way the wind is blowing. Right. From the snow.

Well, I guess it was to be expected. Tehran is quite high above sea level and we have enjoyed a long warm autumn, but nw the country around us is ready for some rain and probably for some cold weather as well. The question on our mnds tonight is "Who turns on the heating round here?" It is a joint heating system for the whole apartment block and the controls may well be in the supervisors apartment. We just hope he feels the cold before we do!

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