Thursday, 8 October 2009

Fun in the sun

Today is the equivalent of Saturday in Iran so my colleague and I are "at home" in our apartment and doing our household chores. Or will be when we have generated sufficient energy. Ironning must be done, washing up and probably a quick whizz round with the vacuum cleaner also on the cards.

Two weeks into our twelve weeks here and the Monk is missing his old cat, Paddy, his books and his home comforts. He brought a few books with him of course, and his drafts of his future books yet to find publication, so he has plenty to do. But its been hard work and the excitement of yesterday hasn't quite gone away yet, it will have a few repercussions for us all over the next few weeks. At least I'll be able to Skype Mausi later and hear how her Druids Convocation in Bad Liebenstein went!

Ce la vie, I'll try to get some worthwhile pictures of things here over the next few days and see what delights I can share via the blog when I do. And now to the chores!

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