Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween ...

The eve of All Saints and I'm stuck in Tehran. Never mind, I'm sure they will be celebrating it properly at the Abbey and certainly will be celebrating the glorious Requiem for all our friends and relatives now joined with the saints in heaven.

For us, the snow has capped the mountains to the north with a thick blanket and the lower slopes and the city is getting some rain. It is interesting to note that all the UK Instructors with me are wandering around in Shirt-sleeve Order still remarking on how pleasant it is to have a bit of rain and the cooler weather - it dropped to 16*C today - while our students are already putting on jumpers and jackets and turning up the heating.

Ah well, I guess its a case of what you're acclimatised to and our summers definitely aren't as warm as those in Tehran.

And now to bed, but first and little time out to think of All the Saints I knw, living and departed.

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