Friday, 2 October 2009

Happy Birthday!

Yes, it's the Monk's birthday today and Mausi hopes you will all join her in sending the Monk all the best wishes for this special day! At least, the Monk will have a quiet day to himself which he can spend as he likes as Friday is the Iranian equivalent of our Sunday.

Have fun, Monk, and very many happy returns of this day!


  1. Happy Birthday, Monk!

    (Do I see a little *extra* gray?)

  2. Yes, but it only makes him look more distinguished, of course.

  3. Thanks all - it has been a wonderful day, quiet, but crowned by a surprise party with some lovely gifts from my friends here and colleagues. And today, 3rd, my students surprised me with a party hat, helmet shaped cake and cold drinks at tea time. It's been a great birthday.