Friday, 9 October 2009

Mistakes to regret ...

Two stories in the news have caught my eye in the last couple of days. The first was the Somalian Pirates who attempted to board the French Naval Supply and Command ship. Did they ever pick the wrong ship to attack. The French sailors responded pretty effectively and the pirates eventually surrendered having thrown their arms overboard. They are now "guests of the French Navy" and face trial in a French Court for Piracy.

The French Courts won't mess about with all the liberal touchy-feely "oh you poor pirates, victims of evil ship owners" guff that would obscure a British Court's decision either. These guys will have a long time to contemplate the mistake they made.

The second story was even more hilarious. Two drunken yobs in Cardiff attacked a pair of "transvestites" who turned the tables on them and put both in hospital. The "transvestites" turned out to be "cage fighters" in drag for a friends Stag Night party. The two yobs may have consumed umpteen pints of "brave maker" but they are lucky to have escaped with concussion. And the magistrates let them off lightly despite their having attacked several other people in the course of their drunken spree. A hundred hours of "Community Service".

Next time perhaps we should let the French deal with it.

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