Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Weekend Wednesday

Well George and I have survived another week. Our burns in the Fire Investigation units went very well today and the students will have quite a tough time figuring out our "origin and cause" for each scene. But its been a tiring week and the traffic coming back to our apartment was horrendous tonight. Our driver is pretty good (By Tehran standards!) but sometimes succumbs to the urge to join in the general mayhem a little too entusiastically.

I am now convinced that the drivers here are trained by the Kamikaze School of Motoring. What amazed me tonight was that the three near misses we had all involved woman drivers. Most UK women I know are very good drivers, but here they seem to use driving as a means of expressing their contempt for the rules of the society they live in. The most amazing near miss was the lady who sailed into an intersection and then forced her way across four lanes to turn left at the next intersection. She used the car as a battering ram scattering other motorists and several pedestrians had to leap aside as she sailed through.

At least tomorrow we do not have to go out in the traffic in a car. In fact, we don't have to go out. Somehow its an appealing prospect.

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