Friday, 6 November 2009

Palace views

The last Shah's palace stands lower down the hill than the Green Palace and is known as the Whiet Palace. This huge Parthian Archers stands at the entrance to the building which is on a more monumental scale than the older Green Palace. The entrance hall is vast, designed to impress, and occupies the central volume of the building. The Waiting Room is equally monumental and occupies one side of the front facade. The photograph shows about two thirds of the room and its furnishings which are, of course, French, 18th Century and lavish. Adjoining this is a small formal dining room for twenty people and next to that, toward the rear of the "public" half of the building, is the Shah's Office. This, again, is on a generous scale, but not as generous as some I have seen.And that concludes the Ground Floor for the moment!

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