Friday, 11 December 2009

Climate Conference scams

So the Climate Change Conartists are now all in the spotlight and we have to endure the BBC News 24 Non-stop blather (With suitable cuts to archive footage of melting glaciers and steaming cooling towers labelled "pollution") by all the PR people who want to convince us that handing them something like $45 trillion (In my money thats 45 million-million) so they can "redistribute" the wealth of the "industrialised" nations to the "developing" nations to stop them cutting down trees and "improve" their industries.

If the "Climate Gate" Scandal has taught us anything it is that we should be very wary of the political motive behind this proposal because it reeks of good old-fashioned communist "soak the rich" and "redistribution" philosophy. What these airheads refuse to recognise, or to admit if they are simply being cleverly devious, is that the "industrialised" world will simply impoverish itself and enrich its competitors in this moronic exrecise. And there will be no change because the root of the problem in all "developing" nations os massive overpopulation. Look about you at the areas we are told are already "feeling the effects of climate change".

The Ganges delta is one such area, but if you massively increase the number of fishermen, you will naturally see the disappearance of entire fish species and a collapse of animal and piscine populations. Likewise the flooding, the delta has always flooded. My father was there in 1943 - 45 and they had to rescue people from floods then - because it is an annual event. Its not new, what is new is the vast number of people now trying to eke a living on it and in it. That is the eco-disaster - not the falsified and distorted numbers crunched by the pseudo-science that is the AGW and IPCC "reports". Take a good look at the posts on "Watts up with that". (Link in the sidebar!) The same can be said of Ethiopia, the land there has been semi-desert since man first appeared. Yes, it has wet years and dry years, what it hasn't had until the 1960s is the massive population now trying to live off it.

Are the Polar Ice-caps melting? The evidence is far from conclusive even at the North Pole. And one of the things the "Climate Scientists" currently raking in the "research" funding from governments complicit in this scam (Presumably so they can tighten control on their taxpayers and play their dangerous social engineering games) consistently ignore and deny even is that the polar ice was considerably less than it is now in the year 1000AD period. Greenland was green then, and vines grew in Newfoundland if the Norse sagas are right. Certainly in modern Maine and Masschusetts. Will we all be submerged? Not unless the entire mass of Antarctic Ice were to melt catastrophically - all six miles thick of it. Sea levels rising? Chertopert! Too many peope living where they can be hit by floods and storm surges. We are talking millimetre rises yes, some of it because the 12,000 year long process of land rising after being pushed down by the weight of the ice in the last Ice Age is causing the South Coast of Britain at any rate to sink! Let's see the Greenstrife activists stop that happening! Preferably at their expense and not mine or my children's!

I am sick to death of the young, ignorant and oh, so focused, PR people I am seeing on the BBC - all spouting complete garbage about CO2 levels - not a shred of evidence for its effect - and all earnestly believing that the now exposed fraud of a climate model based n the rings from twelve trees in Siberia represents the past, the present and the future. I get even angrier when the BBC shows shots of the cooling towers belching steam and burbles about the "power station pumping polluting CO2 into the atmosphere to feed or energy needs." Will someone, somewhere please take them to the Advertising Standards Authority for False Representation!

So the ":Climate/Save the Planet" mob at the UN want $45 trillion of our money. Not out of my pocket. Let's see the colour of your money first, I have no intention of funding the Bank Accounts of the Developing Nations leadership in Switzerland any more than I am doing already.

Here's a solution to all this - ship the entire Climate Change Movement scientists and all their supporters to one of their "at risk" nations. When they can demonstrate that they have reveresed the problems there of corruption, over population and exploitation they always want to blame us for - maybe I'll sit down and listen to the rest of their "Chertopert"!

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