Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Winter holiday

Mausi's end-of-the-year holiday is coming to an end. It's back to the saltmines next Monday. Mausi has enjoyed her quiet time up here very much. Temperatures dropped dramatically and it started to snow almost on the first day of Mausi's holiday. Mausi was very grateful that she didn't have to drive to work for some time. The roads were treacherous at times.
Temperatures dropped to -15 °C for some days. Mausi's rain water barrels had to be whacked open with an axe each day to prevent them from being damaged, which resulted in Mausi taking a shower one morning because the water trapped under an icy cover in one barrel shot out under great pressure. Good thing Mausi could immediately return into the warm house, where the central heating was working overtime.
Anyway it has been fun watching the landscape being decorated by frost and snow to make it look even more beautiful than usual.

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