Thursday, 11 February 2010

Celebrations for everyone?

Again the Monk cannot access his blog and has asked Mausi to step in. These days Iran is celebrating the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. It start with fireworks last night. But apparently this is not a reason for jubilation for everyone. The Iranian opposition is demonstrating again against the way the Revolution has turned out and against the way the president has seized power after the last elections. Members of the opposition have been arrested all day and - according to the media - marked for arrest with paintball guns.

At least part of the internet is still running, so Mausi was able to exchange the news of the day with the Monk. Today is the equivalent of Saturday in Teheran and this weekend is not easy for the Monk and his colleagues. They were warned to stay put inside their flats and show a low profile. It is a relief to hear they are not running out of provisions...

Teaching apparently went well last week. The students are eager as always and the Monk was able to take this beautiful picture of a backdraft.

And the Monk has made new friends. This dog is following him around faithfully, wherever he goes on the training grounds.

Mausi is counting the days until the Monk returns.

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