Friday, 5 March 2010

Writer's Blockage...

I'm currently working on a book based o the life of St Patrick, my favourite saint. But I've reached a part that is heavy going to write, not because there is a lack of material, but because there is so much to weave into the story!

So today, while I have a day to myself and my colleague is walking in the mountains (He's just been woken up by the guys he arranged this with last weekend!), I am submerging myself in the events surrounding the Britons, Gauls and Irish between 421 and 431 AD. Though we call these the "dark ages" and are frequently taught that there is little written history for this period, we are misled. There is a huge amount of information available - but it takes time sifting through it to find the links between events and people.

Back to work, books don't write themselves and a hundred monkeys sat at keyboards don't produce the works of Shakespeare even if left to it for years.

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