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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Trinity Sunday

A good service this morning, good sermon too - what I could interpret of it anyway - and good coffee and fellowship afterward. We've obviously started to be regarded as regulars since a number of people greeted us as they came in today and we had a lively conversation over coffee with two older members who speak good English. One of the more interesting things for me is that I am slowly recognising word shapes and forms and sounds - and am able to follow conversations for a large part without interpretation.

The similarities between the Old Catholic Mass and the Common Worship Anglican Rite is probably not accidental and it certainly helps me to follow the service. Taken with the generous welcome and the similarity between the Old Catholics and the Anglican beliefs on a range of things and matters, it is proving far easier than I expected to fit in. The organist said the same thing this morning - she's a Roman Catholic from Croatia!

All things considered we've certainly found a good place to worship.

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