Friday, 30 July 2010

Venturing forth ...

Well, with Mausi up in Strahlsund, the Monk needed some provisions, so a venture to Koom Valley was required. Now this may not sound like much, but the Monk is not the most competent German speaker, and most of the shopkeepers and assistants don't speak a great deal of English. So, this was a trial of both the Monk's ability to find his way to the supermarket and from there to butcher and baker and his ability to communicate his needs to the people behind the counter.

Driving is getting better, this business of being on the wrong side of the road means that I'm changing gears with the wrong hand. OK, at least I did this years agon when I briefly owned a left hand drive VW Beetle in South Africa (And drove it on the correct side of the road!), but it's taking a bit of practice to get used to it again.

I digress, at least I got to the Toom Supermarket without mishap and, surprise, surprise, managed to find everything I was looking for. At the checkout I even managed to get the "Bitteschoen/Dankeschoen" ritual right. Even better, I then managed to find the route to the butcherand to make several purchases face to face with the lady actually uderstanding me!

So maybe these afternoons spent trying to learn German are beginning to bare fruit...

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