Saturday, 21 August 2010

Busy days....

Our cellar beckoned today. It has needed some sorting out and we have some new shelving to install so, hot day, cool cellar, the job got tackled. The cellar here is a useful room. It houses our washing machine, freezer and storage for tools, grocery stocks and some of the extra furniture you always need on occasion, but at other times need to keep stored.

The end result is that we now have our new shelves in place, we've identified a lot of stuff we don't need to keep and our cellar is looking good. Now we have to source the wineracks we want so we can store our wine properly. You can't live in one of the world's best wine producing regions and not have some wine in the cellar!

At least the temperatures are now dropping to more comfortable levels. We finished the day with dinner in the gazebo - baked tuna with mashed potato and veg on the side. And a good bottle of Pinotage to wash it down...

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