Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Clone Danger?

I am watching with interest the usual hysterical response in the UK to the discovery that some of them might have eaten a piece of meat from a cloned bull. Already the doom predictors are shouting about the potential for another "BSE" disaster even though this is nothing like the same thing. The voice of reason is howled down by the usual mob of 'elf and saf'ey hystericals and veggie pushers. All of it without a shred of evidence to support their doom laden predictions.

Common sense and balance seems to have been utterly and irreparably lost as the spin and lies of Political Correctness and the utterly insane belief that everything can be rendered "safe" by some magic potion concocted out of a "risk assessment" and legislation so badly written it's a joke. Life is full of risks and we learn to deal with these through experience and through knowledge of the things we are daeling with, not so the PC or 'elf an' saf'ey mobsters. To them experiece and knowledge are anathema, experience becausethey haven't got it and knowledge because it gets in the way of a good set of prejudices.

Just proves the saying I suppose, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." Certainly it is in the hands, mouths and minds of those incapable of balanced thinking or rational response.

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  1. Eating a cloned bull is no worse than eating one that's older - the only difference between a clone and a normal cow of the same age is that the clone has shorter telemeres, which are the same length as the original animal's telemeres. Telemeres shorten as we age and a clone is unfortunate enough to have "older" telemeres and a slightly shorter life as a result.