Friday, 20 August 2010

Day in Limburg

Mausi and I attended court today, for the morning anyway. We wanted to hear the statement to be made by the son of an accused man in a murder trial Mausi has had a small part in. As we suspected, the son owned up to the fact that he had helped his father destroy the bodies, but not to being involved in the killings. He also admitted that they had then gone to a considerable effort to rearrange the scene of the killings and disposal to change the layout and conceal some blood spatter.

This was very much what Mausi suspected all along, but the police investigation left rather a lot of things unexamined and it is now too late to correct this. Never mind, so much has emerged now that the outcome is undoubted, the accused will make a statement at a date to be decided and I suspect there is now some fairly hectic plea bargaining going on.

The victims were brothers who were apparently involved in some fairly illegal activities with the son of the accused and were also taking a cut of his 'profits' from farming canabis. Apparently they were demanding a bigger share when the father killed them. All this came out when the mother of the deceased more or less admitted being involved in the demands for a bigger share. I find it amazing, still, that there are people who embark on illegal and criminal activity, enjoy the profits (The sums of money being mentioned here would have paid off my mortgage in Tewkesbury, bought me a brand new car and left me with a comfortably large bank balance...) and are offended when they fall out with their 'partners' and pay the price.

What was even more astonshing was that fact that one of the deceased was described as the accused's son's 'best friend.' It doesn't seem to have worried him unduly to burn his fried's body and the friend's brother to unrecognisable ash which he then admits scattering into a stream...

It was relief there after to have a great lunch in a local Thai restuarant and then take the afternoon to explore the ancient "Alt-stadt" of Limburg ad its beautifully restored and very ancient Dom Church. As soon as I can figure out how to download my pictures from my phone (I forgot to take a camera) I will post some.

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