Saturday, 14 August 2010

Owls, Kites and Kestrels...

Last night we had a visit from a large owl. As it was dark we couldn't see what sort, but evidently it has discovered the horde of field mice that have invaded our, and our neighbours gardens. Madam Paddy Cat was rather cautious about it all, with good reason I suspect.

Early this morning as I was enjoying my coffee in bed, one of the kestrels did a high speed dive into the garden and soared away clutching something. We have several kestrels hovering, diving and generally harrying the small critters in the fields all around us, but the majestic Red Kites take the prize. They soar magnificently and apparently efortlessly. Occasionally they have mock aerial combat displays and from time to time obviously make kills in the fields.

As I type Madam Paddy is out investigating the several mouse holes she has marked and targets daily. At 20 years of age though, her intent I think outweighs her ability...

Looks like the owls, kestrels and possibly the kites have the hunting field to themselves for now.

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