Monday, 9 August 2010

Terror links...

I came across an interesting website recently, one which identifies where certain group get their funding. It was sent to me in a chat I was having with a friend in the UK whose interest was sparked by the realisation that he is due to take his children camping in central England - and that a group called Earth First are holding a 'training camp' in the adjoining field. Earth First are advertising this as a 'Direct Action' training camp, their website calls it a 'heirarchy free' event - 'no leaders, come prepared to take an active part.'

I think I would also be worried as the agenda advertised suggests that attendees will be getting instruction in how to destroy crops suspected of being "GM", animals that are "cloned" and to deal with people the organisation regards as being involved in activities they do not approve of. The organisation has links with the Animal Liberation Front, Earth Liberation Front and several other groups whose activities are well within the definitions of terrorism. So where do these people get the funds?

Like me you'd probably be surprised to know that they are linked to a wide range of Registered Charities and get funding from them. Earth First is supported by Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and others. All of these so-called eco-groups have declarations on their websites which actually support 'direct action' in achieving their objectives.

So I have a question, if these groups are involved in activities which fall within the definitions of terrorism,, why are they not outlawed and prosecuted? Could it be that our western governments are afraid to do so?


  1. Whats the link? It would be nice to know.

  2. I'm trying to track it down and will insert it as soon as I do.