Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A walk in the woods

The rain of the last few days has abated a little and Mausi and I took a short walk in the woods. The walk was enlivened by the activity of several pairs of Red Kites who gave an aerobatic display that was as beautiful as it was evidently effortless for these superb flyers. They glide and soar with a minimum of wing effort while other, smaller, birds flutter and dart.

Watching these magnificent birds as they hunted in the fields bordering the trees was a great bonus to a lovely walk. Sadly though we couldn't get any photos of them, the distance just too great and their speed just too high for the camerawe had with us. We did manage to capture some of the magnificent cloud formations as they lent interest, and the occasional sprinkling, to our walk.

The fields are lush, the horses muching happily on the grass, the field mice are thriving and the creatures that feed on them are also doing well. Temperatures are down for the moment though predicted to rise at the weekend. All in all we seem to be sliding slowly toward a pleasant autumn and a cool if not a cold winter.

Just as the garden starts to look great!

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