Monday, 27 September 2010

Book relaunched

The observant among my readers - hopefully everyone - will have noticed that there is a new link in the sidebar. I have republished The Enemy is Within! and it is now available from the publisher, Xlibris via their online book store, as a hardback, a paperback and as an e-book. I am assured that it will be listed by Amazon everywhere very shortly and I will provide links and the new cover design as soon as it becomes available.

I hope that everyone who hasn't attempted to buy the original version from the disappointingly expensive "joint venture" I had with the previous publisher will now find the book not just accessible but available. Republishing has given me the opportunity to revise one or two small sections and to correct some of the things which slipped through the editing in the first edition. I hope everyone will find a chance to get a copy now.

Another new book will make its appearance shortly. Watch this space for the appearance of "Their Lordships Request" which tells the story from Harry and Ferghal joining the Royal Navy to the eve of the event that will catapult them 400 years into their future. It also introduces that future and the people they will meet and serve with in the 23rd Century.

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