Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Global Cooling?

The "Bilderberg Group" are often portrayed as the modern face of an even more shadowy 'bogeyman' group - the "Illuminati" - every true 'Conspiracy Theorist' loves to hate. The Bilderberg Group are a group of super-rich industrialists, landowners, politicians and includes people like the Queen of the Netherlands, Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger. Their meetings are never publicised, always behind closed doors and always about long term trends. So their latest meeting, in June this year, and held in Spain hardly hit the headlines. Maybe it should have.

One of the items under discussion was "Global Cooling."

No, that wasn't a misprint. What it says, perhaps more loudly than anything else could have, is that the wheels are about to come off the "Anthropogenic Global Warming" bandwagon. And the funding tap is about to be turned off on all those 'scientific' units that have been milking the system and the taxpayers. We'll still be stuck with the damage they have done - probably for the next century at least. James Dellingpole has written a very well researched article on this in the Telegraph Online under the title "Bilderberg Group discusses Global Cooling at 2010 meeting."

The science is far from reliable or settled. Most of the 'warming' data comes from weather stations sited in areas that have seen a huge increase in urbanisation with tarmac acting as a heat trap, central heating in buildings and, in the case of the Siberian Arctic, above ground heating pipes and systems. In fact, tracking the data from these sites shows the sudden rise in temperature is directly related to the expansion of towns and even airports where these 'weather stations' are located. The classic example is Svalbard. The weather station is exposed to the backwash from taxiing jets, situated on the edge of a tarmac taxiway and a micro-climate generated by the expansion of airport buildings and paved areas. Move 2 kilometres away and the temperatures are two or more degrees lower than what the 'weather station' (on which the EAU/CRU models are based) are reading. Other stations in this 'model' are exposed to the hot exhauts of airconditioning units, up against sun facing walls of buildings and so on.

If the data is slewed - the model is spewing out garbage. That seems to be the conclusion that the Bilderbergers have finally figured out. After all, other indicators are actually contradicting the CRU/Greenstrife/Fiends of the Earth favoured 'evidence.' In fact, most 'weather' (as opposed to 'climate') records show that the last ten years have NOT been 'warmer' but actually static. In terms of the Arctic Ice, there are now ice and sediment cores which show that it was warmer in the early medieval period - excluded from the CRU et al model - and cows could be grazed in Greenland - impossible today. In fact, 9,000 years ago, there was even less ice in the Arctic basin - it may even have been ice free! Sadly all of us are already paying for the folly of allowing policy to be dictated and directed by a bunch of hysterical terrorists under the banner of pressure groups such as Greenpeace, Fiends of the Earth, Earth First and all their related 'direct action' spawn.

Wind Farms are only viable of you keep a number of ordinary power stations 'spooling' to bring on line as the wind turbine output drops. That means every single one of us is paying twice for the power we use and we're paying again in tax. All these "green" taxes do nothing for the environment except take more out of our pockets and divert it to subsidies that enrich the owners, makers and promoters of the 'wind farms.'

As they say, if you want to know what is really going on - follow the money. Watch the balance of funding swing away from all the "green" projects that cost an arm and a leg, are crippling our economies and can never be viable. Watch Greenstrife and Fiends of the Earth start to have to cut back their piracy and terror operations in the media, on the high seas and on our streets.

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