Sunday, 26 September 2010

There's a hole in our modelling...

Recently a well reviewed and well researched paper has identified the solar cycles as having a major influence on the global temperatures. Now there's a big surprise - except that these solar cycles have, until now, been discounted as having any inlfuence at all by the Greenstrife/Fiends of the Earth Warmist lobby. I'm also willing to bet that, despite the New Scientist - a rabidly "The Sky is Falling and we're all going to die!" supporter of the CRU/IPCC model predictions - actually publishing a reasonable report on it, the Anthropomorphic Global Warmistas will continue to insist it has no impact.

In an even bigger surprise, to the modellers at least, a German team have now published a paper which reveals that the oceans play a huge role in the weather and climate - again something the CRU and other 'Climate Modellers' have consistently declared 'irrelevant.'

Oh dear. Oh, dearie, dearie me. It seems that far from warming, the oceans are about to drop back into a cooling phase. The sun is in a really passive phase of its cycle and so isn't doing much to stir up the atmosphere and the cool damp weather may be the way it will go in the next few years.

Looks like there's a big hole in the model predictions. About three quarters of the 'atmosphere' - the oceans - aren't even considered in them. Back to the drawing board folks?

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