Sunday, 10 October 2010

Preparing for winter

The forest has turned gold and brown, with occssional shades of red. The migratory birds left some time ago, but the other animals are busy growing their winter coats and the horses around us are munching grass and enjoying the sunshine while we have it. Our local Red Kites are apparently making the most of the stripped fields and thinning leaves and can be seen - alongside the Merlins and kestrels - hunting and feasting busily.

This afternoon, after yesterday's efforts to clear our drainage ditch and cut back our hedge, we took a long walk in the forest. It was cool, but refreshing. A Jay landed near us as we walked, unconcerned until Mausi tried to take a photo. It immediately vanished. But one encounter in our garden has surprised us - Lady Birds (Bugs to the US reader!) were busy on a bush near our front door.

The skies have been beautifully clear for the last two days, which means, of course, wonderful starscapes at night, but a distinct chill as well. Any day now the wild geese and swans will pass over on their way south. For us though, we have isolated the outside tap and drained the pipes. The hose is put away and so is the BBQ, the cushion box for our patio recliners has come indoors and we are almost ready for the winter. Only the car tyres need to be swopped over to our snow tyres at the end of the month and we're ready.

It's going to be interesting to see the change of season to winter now.

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