Friday, 31 December 2010

Another year draws to an end ...

One way or another it's been quite a year. It began with heavy snow and a battle to reach an airport so I could go to Tehran and earn some much needed cash and it seems to be ending with even more snow as I sit and type this in my new home in Germany. OK, so now I'm technically a "house husband" and pensioner, but I'm still engaged in writing a new technical book and in lecturing in my field when needed. I may even visit Tehran again in the coming year, but certainly not for six months again.

Moving to the Taunus was a big step. My German was almost non-existent and is still pretty basic, but it is making some progress now. At least I can make sense of the newspapers and do some basic shopping! At least I'm now settled, my study is great and Mausi and I have settled into our new routines quite easily. Even Madam Paddy Cat has settled, though she can be demanding - especially as she has got into the habit of demanding her breakfast at 05.30 sharp!

Looking back, there have certainly been some interesting new ventures, not least being republishing The Enemy is Within! and publishing Their Lordships Request. Will they make me millions? Probably not, though one can dream, and frankly I'll be happy if I just have some steady sales and people enjoying them.

On the subject of books, I also managed to get to the London Book Fair and to the bigger Frankfurt Book Fair. They were certainly educational and eye opening. I was interested to learn at the second of these, that even the "A List" Authors feel a little excluded and there on "tolerance" - a necessary evil in case some buyer actually wants to meet them. It hasn't put me off writing, but it has made me realise that I need to sharpen my writing, my marketing and my selling skills! It has also made me realise that the e-book market may be the best way to go for now. Now I have to explore Kindle, iPod and all the other versions.

It will keep me busy in the coming year, of that I can be sure...

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