Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Crackers...

My thanks to Darryl Ashton for this swipe at the PC brigade...


As councils all over Britain have pulled the plug on Christmas trees, mangers, crosses and Santa Claus. Worst still, in St Andrews they're even putting on a play depicting the Virgin Mary as an alcoholic and Jesus as a homosexual.

Well, as part of Darryl's save Christmas campaign, here's my revised arrangement of Away in a Manger, the 12 - inch version.

(Please feel free to sing along).

Away with the fairies, no brains in their head
The little dictators say Christmas is dead.
The clowns in the town halls look down as we pray
And rule that the manger be taken away.

In Birmingham's Bullring poor Santa is banned
His sleigh and his reindeer, and elves have been canned.
In Bury St Edmunds they've turned off the lights
In Suffolk, Lord Jesus offends human rights.

They want our donations down at the Red Cross,
But no celebrations they don't give a toss.
And even Saint Tony, has tried really hard
Not to mention the C - word in his Christmas card.

In Luton, Tower Hamlets and old Camden Town
The Christmas decorations have all been torn down.
Pray, celebrate Diwali and Ramadan praise,
It's only Christianity they want to erase.

There'll be no more memtion of our Lord and Saviour
So God bless Saint Tony, remember, Sod Labour!
So, come back Guy Fawkes, and do what we please,
You can do it this time - and do it with ease!



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  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! Brilliantly written. I think Darryl Ashton is so very talented and a genius at writing all kinds of poems. And I have also bought all his brilliant poem books. I highly recommend them. Well done Sir Darryl. Keep up the superb writings. Truly fantastic.