Monday, 17 January 2011

A new offering from Darryl Ashton ...

Today's offering from Darryl is a tribute to the "King of Rock 'n Roll" - the late Elvis Presley...

I confess I was never one of his "Fans" and I will add that the manner in which he was manipulated, exploited, and ultimately destroyed by the people around him during his life says a great deal about human greed...

It started in Tupelo,
in deep Mississippi
Were twins where born
to the loving Presleys.
One twin was stillborn,
the other survived,
And the start of a Legend,
was soon to contrive.

For it was written,
and it was meant
That a shy young man,
would be sent.
To change the face
of music forever,
And so was born -
a magical endeavour.

That man was (ELVIS),
from God was sent
And blessed truly,
with a remarkable talent.
Who would sing,
and angels would dance,
To a song - sung,
which would entrance.

The man, Elvis,
was so born to sing,
And soon he would gather
the true role of KING.
He sang so sweetly
and moved so wickedly,
That all the girls
would faint so quickedly.

Elvis, he took
the world by storm,
And achieved a career,
that was the norm.
Yes, he had everything,
from a voice to good looks,
But more evidently -
he loved his good cooks.

To be in movies
he wanted so,
To be like Curtis,
and also Brando.
He went to Hollywood,
were he acted so
But really, his movies
didn't all that glow.

But to Vegas he went,
and he conquered supreme,
Dressed in white jumpsuit
he looked like a dream.
He sang like an angel
to an audience of encors,
And held the place spellbound -
and took great applause.

He was sadly taken,
from us, too soon,
He now sings in heaven
dressed to enthrown,
And sings to the the ones
he worshipped so much,
His mother - Glady's,
and the Lord, he touched.

I would like to finish
with this specisl say:
Thank you, Elvis,
as today is your day,
Enjoy it well,
as we fans will still sing,
the one true KING.



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