Saturday, 9 April 2011

Dust storm

Some readers of this blog may have read of the appalling accident yesterday on the autobahn near Rostock. It involved over forty vehicles, including some large trucks and one tanker carrying fuel ... At present, 24 hours later, the section of the Autobahn is being rebuilt - or at least resurfaced - and the there are eight confirmed dead, 130 injured and two remain in a critcal condition in hospital. The photographs from the scene are a fire fighter's worst nightmare. A short news video clip can be found on Euronews. It is in German, but the pictures give an idea of the problems

The accident was apparently caused by a huge cloud of dust, whipped up by a strong wind, which suddenly blew across the carriageway blinding motorists. Some of the clip shows dust still blowing as rescue workers try to put out the fires and check for injured and survivors.

One can only hope that the lessons from this are learned.

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