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Friday, 29 April 2011

A Year in Germany ...

It seems only yesterday that my son and I packed the last of my belongings into my car and set out to drive across England and the continent to my intended new home in Germany. It has been quite a year all told, a year filled with getting to grips with a new culture, a new language and settling myself and Madam Paddy Cat into our new home.

In between I have made some great new friends, written a textbook for the Institution of Fire Engineers and published another fiction book. I've redecorated my Study, we've started remodeling the garden, endured a really bad winter and managed to get some other work in as well. My German is improving - so I'm told at any rate - and I have to say that I now feel very settled here.

Madam Paddy Cat has reached the grand age of 21, something like 98 in cat years, and is getting a bit doddery. She watches the field mice and the birds, then flicks her tail and wanders indoors. She and the vet have developed a sort of love/hate relationship as well and she regards the various birdbaths in our garden and the neighbours as her personal drinking troughs.

We've had a discussion about this, and think a Royal Wedding is a fitting way to mark our Anniversary!

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