Friday, 20 May 2011

An absence of understanding ...

Seems to dominate the latest Obama Administrations proposal for a "Peace Settlement" in Israel/Palestine. If Mrs Clinton had taken the trouble to read a little more history than the condensed version from the back of a postage stamp, she might have come to realise that the 1967 boundaries were the result of an Arab sneak attack in 1956 that saw an invasion from Syria, Jordan and Egypt seize Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. A little more research and perhaps understanding instead of her preconceived notions and prejudices, might also lead her to realise that Israel will not surrender the one city above all others which is absolutely central to their identity as a nation. They will never consent to a partition of the city either or allow the Arabs to control their access to the Temple Mount.

It is time for Western politicians to stop meddling in matters they do not understand, or think they have some 'right' to interfere in.The 1967 boundaries allowed the Syrians to shell any town in Northern Israel from the Golan Heights, Gaza is a running sore, a cesspit that should be cleared and the murderous Hamas frontmen brought to the International War Crimes Court for trial. This latest "initiative" by Mrs Clinton should never have been given an airing, it will do nothing but incite the Palestinians and legitimise their continuing murder of Israelis.

I hope Mr Obama and his Administration will be prepared to accept the responsibility for the escalation when it commences, as I expect it will, within the next few months.

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