Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Public Service?

Regular readers will know I don't like civil servants or politicians. It's not that they are deliberately evil, obstructive or incompetent, it's just that they have collectively reduced Western Civilisation to a morass of garbled ideologies, unnecessary legislation and thrown away everything that was good or even valuable in the process.

Witterings from Whitney has an excellent video clip speech by a man we should all listen to carefully.

What he says about the mythology that has grown up to defend the passage of ideologues from University, through a Quango, Parliamentary internship and thence directly to senior office in a Civil Service post or as an elected politician without ever having worked in the real world is well worth hearing. Thomas Sowell knows what he is talking about.

Now perhaps someone will tell us why working for a fat salary, bloated pension and 'Honours' available only to bureaucrats should be considered any more of a "public service" than Joe, the Rag and Bone man who collects and recycles all the junk we're too lazy to take down to the dump? OK, so Joe can and sometimes does make a million out of doing the work for himself - its still a damned sight more of a "Public Service" than the toad in Whitehall who steeples his fingers and quotes "Treasury Rules" at you when you ask for some assistance in negotiating the tangled web of ideologically inspired and frequently contradictory legislation that same toad drafted, but now blames on "The Minister."

Seems to me its time to do a Mao Tse Tung and send all these folk to Labour Camps...

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