Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Reality unreal?

An article sent me by The Postulant from the New Scientist makes interesting reading. Under the title "The Grand Delusion" it discusses how we see things, what we don't, what distracts us and ends up with the conclusion that we don't actually exercise any "free-will" over our actions, reactions and behaviour.

It is a fascinating article because it also looks at the divides between 'Green' and 'Skeptic' when it comes to "Climate Science" and at the biases at work on both sides of that debate. Though it uses that as a current example, by extension one can find a lot of other examples where people holding a "view" on something will simply refuse to see any other point of view no matter how compelling the evidence given for a different view point. At the same time both sides in the argument will consider everyone but themselves to be exercising some form of bias...

So, there you have it. You're all biased. Not me, of course ...

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