Monday, 23 May 2011

Warm and Sunny...

At least some of our planets like the warm and dry weather. These very colourful plants close at night and in rain, so they at least appreciate the sunny weather we're currently having. I'm afraid a lot of other plants aren't.

I expect the volcano currently sending vast clouds of ash and CO2 into the atmosphere will, eventually, have an impact on the weather in these latitudes, an ash cloud usually does. Will it accelerate the melting of the Arctic Ice or slow it? Will it bring us another cooler than average summer? Another colder than average winter? If the geologists are right, probably all of the above.

I wonder of the IPCC and all the "The Climate is Changing, we're all gonna die ..." mob will finally acknowledge that these volcanoes actually do more to make things change climatically than we human fleas ever can...

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