Monday, 20 June 2011

Entertainment unlimited ...

Last night we saw my brother and his partner off at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport after a great five day visit. They were delayed getting here because a volcano in Eritrea had blown its top and sent columns of ash and muck into the atmosphere, and arrived at Frankfurt International twelve hours later than planned. Still it has been busy, but huge fun.

As they are both terrific artists, we took them to Würzburg to see the "Residence," once the palace of the Prince Bishops of Würzburg and now partly a museum and partly a part of the University campus. The incredible baroque paintings on the ceilings is just one part of the places stunning features. The artist, an Italian named Tiepelo, are 3-D and utterly amazing. Equally amazing is the hand created stucco work on ceilings walls and even fireplaces - all hand created by another Italian artists.

A trip on the Rhine allowed them to see the natural wonders of this part of Germany, and, of course, the many Rhine Castles.

The trip out to Frankfurt-Hahn was quite a trek, but again, it is good to know that they arrived in Montpelier, France, safe and sound and on schedule courtesy Ryanair. For those not "in the know," Frankfurt-Hahn is nowhere near Frankfurt International or even Frankfurt am Main... In fact it's the other side of the Rhine, in the Rhineland-Pfalz and used to be a USAF Airbase, now run for Ryanair ...

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