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Friday, 5 August 2011

A monument to failure ...

This year sees the 50 anniversary of possibly the most infamous monument to the failure of an ideology - the building, overnight, of the "Berlin Wall." It's architects, the Socialist Government of the then "German Democratic Republic," proclaimed it was necessary to "protect the people of the Socialist Republic from the "Fascists" in West Berlin and the truly democratic Western German state. It stood for 30 years before being rendered redundant by the collapse of the system that built it and the complete exposure of "socialism" and "communism" as the oppressive and fraudulent systems they were and are.

These "workers paradises," as one Anthony Wedgewood Benn MP was fond of calling them, needed armies of secret police, networks of informers and armed border guards to prevent anyone leaving them. The real reason for the Berlin Wall and the subsequent fencing in of the entire East German Border, was the fact that the trickle of emigrants from the Socialist Republic to the West was rapidly becoming a flood. The East was suffering a brain and a skills drain that spoke volumes about the kind of "paradise" the general populace were forced to live in. The socialists believed that everyone must be allocated everything by the state, so the choice of school for a child rested with the state. So did the choice of work, higher education and living space. Of course, it was 'democratic' in the sense that everyone could vote - but with only one party to vote for, choice was again decided by the State. If this is 'paradise' then I know what my choice will be.

The Berlin Wall came down almost as rapidly as it went up. In the 30 years it stood as a monument to the fear of exposure of the Socialist leadership, eighty people were summarily shot attempting to escape the "paradise" it protected. Thousands more spent time in prison for daring to question the "system." 22 years ago, the Soviet Union went bust. With it went all the satellite states they had imposed their "socialist paradise" upon. Once the walls and the barbed wire were dragged aside the real truth emerged. Prisons for dissent, the Stasi records, the antiquated factories, the incompetence of the bureaucrats, the failing infrastructures - and the lifestyles of the "Party" functionaries.

It is completely beyond my ability to understand anything why it is then, that the UK and a large part of the political establishment of the US want to adopt this failed political system and all that goes with it... Perhaps they should be forced to study the realities of the Socialist System at first hand - but only as members of the "proletariat" and definitely not as its "Leaders."

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