Saturday, 22 October 2011

Unique collection under threat ...

Once again the politicians in charge of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority are trying to destroy the Brigade's valuable and, quite possibly, unique museum. The museum occupies space in the building which was once the home and headquarters of Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, London's second professional Chief fire Officer. The collection contains valuable and irreplaceable photographs, paintings and equipment.

The problem is that the LFEPA wants to save money - so it chooses to break up, destroy and disperse this astonishing collection of equipment and memorablilia, some of which predates the formation of the London Fire Engine Establishment (Forerunner of the modern London Fire Brigade) by a couple of centuries.

This post is an appeal for help in saving the museum and the collection. I would appeal to all readers to at least read the petition and, if possible, to sign it. If you are in the UK, please consider writing to the MPs and Assembly Members named in the petition.  This collection is far to valuable to be left to the annual whims of a bunch of politicians who have no understanding of what they stand to destroy. This is the second time in two years that they are attempting to do this. They will save very little in closing the museum, it amounts to a single salary for the curator - all the other staffing comes from volunteers. Retired fire fighters and their friends who know the true value of the collection.

The problem is that not many people know where it is or how to gain access. To get some idea of where it is and what it offers, look at London Fire Brigade: Our Museum. The museum even has a Wikipedia entry, albeit a brief one. Surely a measure of the value of retaining it at all cost!

Even if you do not live in London but wish to help save the museum, please show your support and help this cause by writing to :

Boris Johnson

Mayor of London
Greater London Authority
City Hall
The Queen's walk
More LondonSE1 2AA

Brian Coleman and Navin Shah and Ed Butcher  and David Cartwright
London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority ( LFEPA)169 Union Street
London SE10LL

Please send your letters to all four politicians. The more letters they get, the more likely we are to see them reconsider this stupidity.

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