Thursday, 24 November 2011

Investing in the Future

My old school is Selborne College, East London, South Africa. It was and is, one of the top public schools (as opposed to a fee paying "Private" school which is what Eton, Harrow or any of the "Public" Schools in the UK would be called in SA) in the country, and I'm not just saying that because I went there. I will also confess that I was never one of their star pupils or sportsmen. I sort of muddled all the way through - to the frustration of most of the Masters I think - and finally wandered off with some "education" and no idea what to do with it. Years later one of my favourite Masters (he taught me history and drama and his wife taught English) told me that I was one of his most frustrating pupils. In his words, he and the other teachers could "see an intelligence lurking in there, but couldn't seem to get it to switch on" - and yet I always somehow scrapeda passing grade despite their being convinced I wouldn't...

Sort of explained all those reports that said "can do better, if he applied himself to the studies." OK, so they did actually manage to at least teach me to listen, observe and think, all of which have stood me in very good stead through my subsequent career.

So why am I rambling on about all this? The school has launched an appeal. It needs to raise ZAR25 million to secure its future. The money is needed to upgrade facilities, extend some buildings to provide new facilities and buy new equipment such as computers. The Old "Boys" Association has kick-started the Appeal with a donation of ZAR500,000 and will, no doubt, be contributing more over the next three years. Under the title of "Selborne Legacy Project" the money will be managed by Trustees as it is collected and I would like to add my own appeal to anyone reading this. Please support them if you can. Follow the link on their website to the donations page and make a donation.

It doesn't matter how small, every Rand, Pound, Dollar or whatever counts!

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