Saturday, 24 March 2012

RIP Old Friend ...

Paddy Paws
1990 - 2012

This little lady walked into my life in April 1999 and into the hearts of everyone she encountered over the next 13 years. She'd had a tough beginning, either being kicked or run over aged around 2 and rescued by a neighbour who's son spotted the injured cat following him home. They had her patched up and she lived with them for seven years though they already had several cats and a dog. She moved in on me when I bought the house next door, having spent several days assessing us and our house to make sure there were no other animals in residence.

She has moved house with me twice, once only a matter of a few miles, the second time to Germany and travelled from Tewkesbury to our new home in the Taunus loose in the car. In the last twelve months though, she has developed a number of problems, her kidneys giving trouble, her hind quarters with arthritis and finally, in the last weeks, her bladder with kidney stones and persistent infection. For the last few days she could barely eat and refused to drink, so today we took her to the vet yet again.

Madam Paddy Paws was one of a kind. Vocal, demanding, persistent, but always loving and always a comfort and a joy. 

She died on my lap at 12.04 today. Loved, missed terribly, but no longer in pain or distress. We think she knew this was her last journey, she lay quiet and peaceful in my arms on the journey and made no sound at all as she received the final injection. The house is not the same without her.

She may no longer be with us physically, but she will always be remembered. 

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