Saturday, 21 April 2012

Elections ...

One of my current favourite comic strips is a strip titled "Shoe." It is, like most such strips, a cross between humour and social commentary and is often right on the money. In the strip there are all the usual "characters' including Shoe, editor and proprietor of the Treetops newspaper. All the characters are avian and represent a cross section of any small community.

Presently their local "Senator" is running a campaign to be elected President ... Senator Batson D Belfry (the strip for yesterday 20 April, 2012 is a prime example) has to be the lushest, most inept and corrupt politician on the planet. He's so bad I think I'd vote for him on the grounds his utter incompetence would ensure he didn't actually do anything to either worsen the world situation or change it.

Yep, perfect candidate I think. At least you know exactly what you're getting with him!

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