Thursday, 19 April 2012

Frustration ...

Generally speaking I am very happy with my iMac and the programs I run on it, but the Apple Store is something I approach with the prior knowledge that I'm likely to have a problem. Today was no exception. I want to upgrade my iMac from the Mac OS X Snow Leopard system to the Mac OS X Lion. It should be a doddle. All I have to do is go to the Apple App Store, buy the upgrade and download it.


No. Apple will not accept payment on any of my bank cards. They insist that I must use a card issued by a German Bank. No other website I buy from has a problem with my UK Bank cards, only Apple. To complicate matters, it won't let me buy the upgrade from the UK site either. Why? Because I live in Germany. The alternative would, for me, be to use "Click and Buy." An attempt to do that proved even more frustrating. The C&B website, for some reason, refused to accept my valid password. My attempt to get past that has resulted in the account being "locked." OK, so I tried to go down the road of asking for a password reset - except that now I ran into a "security question" the answer to which I have not the faintest idea. There is no way I can get in touch with them without answering this question - so, I hereby give notice to Click and Buy.

Take your service and shove it ...

I still cannot persuade the Apple Store to accept payment, I can't get anyone at the Apple Store helpdesk who can suggest anything useful and Apple, for some reason best known only to Apple, they don't accept payment through PayPal, my preferred alternative.

So, it looks as if I will be paying a visit to the Apple Store in Wiesbaden. I think, from past experience of their work, I can expect a little more useful support. Failing that, or perhaps on top of that, I plan to write a fairly stiff note of complaint to Apple HQ. Frankly, its a great product, I hate the thought of having to revert to Microslosh, but Apple's customer relations stink.

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