Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Soaring Kites and other activities ...

Today being International Labour Day and "May Day" in Germany, it is a Public Holiday. No shops, no post, just a quiet holiday for everyone. The horsey crowd are busy at the stables behind us, their horse grooming a "hobby," not 'labour,' so plenty of happy horses being petted, ridden and generally spoiled.

One of the joys of living surrounded by farm fileds and forest is the amount of wildlife we get to see every day. As I type, we have a trio of Red Kites soaring on the air currents overhead, obviously hunting, but evidently enjoying it as well. Then there are the Merlins, Shakespeare's "Windhover" doing their thing over the fields and hopefully reducing the mouse population. We've had an explosion in the field mouse population, the little devils are tunnelling everywhere. Probably means we'll see more predators this year as well.

Spring has definietly sprung round here. The breeze is warm, the trees and the rest of the plants are growing furiously. But, our weather forecasts suggest we might see some thunder and lightning through the week. Probably not on the scale currently deluging our friends back in the UK though.

Ah well, it's a lovely day, the sun is shining and all is quiet here. Time to relax with a nice cup of coffee I think ...

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