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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sixty Years of Service

The Monk would like to congratulate Her Majesty on the sixty years she has given in service of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. She has weathered the varying storms whipped up by a venal Press pack, politicians attempting to cover up the cost of their follies and the "civil" servants who cost the nation an arm and both legs, but hide their extravagance behind sneaky releases of the "cost of the Royal Household." Long may she continue, and long may her heirs and successors continue the exemplary service they give the nations of which she is head.

The First Elizabeth reigned during a period of religious and social upheaval, and set the scene for the start of the British Empire. The Second has had the misfortune to reign over a nation which has lost its Empire and perhaps its way, but that is hardly her fault - that lies squarely with the self-serving political classes who have pursued nothing but their own enrichment and self-interest since the reign of Edward VII, her great-grandfather.

The Royal Household costs the taxpayer a fraction of the cost of the Prime Minister's Office and, put alongside the cost of Whitehall, is a mere pittance. Her Majesty is worth every penny, unlike the rest of them.

God save the Queen!
Long may she reign!

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